Project Second Chance at Woof Lodge

Help at-risk youth and abandoned dogs get their second chance!

Funding from this campaign will help us create our new space at Woof Lodge and build the kennels, create the classroom, provided 3 computer stations, and purchase teaching supplies and dogs supplies. Your donations can provide the following:

  • $50 provides a bed for a PSCM dog
  • $100-provides funds to give a PSCM dog to a veteran at no cost
  • $250-Provides a scholarship for one abandoned dog for PSCM
  • $500-provides a scholarship for one at-risk youth to participate in PSCM
  • $1,000-builds one kennel for PSCM dogs
  • $5,000-provides a computer for certification classwork for youth
  •  $10,000-provides classroom furniture, teaching materials and instruction for PSCM youth

Project Second Chance